Since electrical service is used prior to its billing, all new accounts are subject to deposits.  Customers who have established a satisfactory payment history with either Lewis County PUD or another utility company may, upon verification of account history or receipt of a letter of credit from a prior utility company, have the deposit waived at the time of signing up for service.  The customer’s account may be charged a deposit at a later date if it reflects two or more late charges in a 12-month time period.

Deposit amounts are determined by the average of the two highest bills at the residence during the past 12-month billing period.  Deposits for monthly-billed residential properties may be a minimum of $100 and bi-monthly billed residential properties a minimum of $200, at the discretion of the District.

Upon termination of service with the District, deposits will be refunded to the customer after all outstanding amounts due the District have been paid or deducted from the deposit.


Account Set-up Charge                                                  $ 10

Deposit (minimum)                                                        $200

Engineering Application Fee                                         $100

Facilities (meter) Tampering Charge (minimum)          $500

Field Call Collection Charge                                         $ 50

Field Service Charge                                                      $50

Late Payment Charge                                                     $20

Late Payment Charge (Industrial Accounts)      3% w/ $20 min

Meter Access Charge                                                    $ 50

Meter Disconnect Charge                                             $100

Reconnect Charge (outside service hours)                   $200

Returned Check Charge                                               $ 30

Unauthorized Disconnect/Reconnect Charge              $100