Free Home Energy Audits

Lewis PUD's Energy Efficiency team will conduct a free energy audit of the home of any of our customers, regardless of whether they qualify for our programs. During the audit, we’ll explain how the home loses energy, where the most impact can be made with weatherization strategies, i.e., where customers will get the biggest “bang for the buck.” Energy staff will point out DIY options, etc.  During audits for customers who do not qualify for our Energy Efficiency Programs we won’t calculate areas or associated incentives. 

The residential energy audits we perform are primarily to determine eligibility for our weatherization program. During the audit, we note:

  • Existing insulation levels.
  • Square footage of attic, walls, and crawl spaces/basements.
  • Existing window types and sizes.
  • Existing heating type(s), including ductwork type and condition (If applicable).

The information referenced above is obtained through measurement, observation, and calculation. Tools such as a infrared cameras are used to demonstrate the home’s heat loss characteristics.

Once audit is complete, the customer is given:

  • A list of measures they’re eligible for.
  • A list of pre-qualified installers.
  • Information regarding our loan program.

As part of the audit we also have each party sign an acknowledgement form stating they were given information regarding indoor air quality, health and safety, privacy of records, and crawlspace ventilation options, if applicable.

While not offered by the District at this time, 3rd party whole house energy audits including blower door studies and duct system leakage testing are available for a fee from private vendors. These audits don’t replace the District's audit that is necessary for program participation. What they can do is provide a different perspective regarding how the home uses and looses heating and cooling energy. 

Program Information