Payment Arrangements

Here at Lewis PUD...we know there are times when you need to delay or make arrangement for your payment - we just ask that you let us know so we can help you set up a payment arrangement.

If you are having problems paying your electric bills, please call us before  your bill becomes delinquent.  We can typically work out a payment arrangement/extension that works for both the customer and the Utility.  There are also several outside agencies that offer assistance with paying your bills.

Customer Rights

A disconnect notice for nonpayment of electric energy shall include a statement advising the customer of the right to an informal conference if the customer disputes the billing. Any customer disputing a bill shall first have an informal conference with a designated employee of the Credit Department. The designated employee shall have authority, but not the requirement, to arrange for deferred payments by customers who are unable to pay the full amount of their current and delinquent bills due to bonafide temporary financial difficulty. Factors to be taken into consideration by the designated employee in granting deferred payments shall include the size of the amount due, the schedule of payments to satisfy the amount due in order to bring the account current within a reasonable length of time, agreement to keep future billings paid on a current basis and the customer’s past credit history with the District. Arrangements for deferred payments need not be available to customers who have not satisfactorily complied with previous arrangements or to customers who have had repetitive credit problems with the District. The designated employee of the Credit Department may refer customer questions, other than payment of electric bills, to other appropriate employees of the District.

If the customer is not satisfied with the outcome of the informal conference, he may appeal to a management employee designated by the Commission and not associated with the Credit Department who will review the appeal by the customer. A customer must appeal within 72 hours of the informal conference stating the reasons for the customer appeal. Another hearing officer shall arrange for a hearing within 24 hours of receiving the appeal and the hearing shall take place during regular office hours. The customer may, at his own expense, be represented by counsel. The hearing officer will hear the customer’s statements and the employees’ statements from appropriate employees. After the hearing, the hearing officer will provide the customer with his written decision. The decision shall be delivered to the customer, to his residence or place of business, or the decision may be delivered to the customer by registered mail. Failure to accept the decision when delivered or failure to make payments as required will result in immediate disconnection of service by the District.

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