Public Records

Public Utility District No. 1 of Lewis County complies with the requirements of the Washington Public Records Act (RCW 42.56).  A Request for Disclosure of Public Records form is available for use when submitting a public records request.  Certain public records may be exempt, either in whole or in part, from disclosure under the Washington Public Records Act or other state or federal laws. The District’s website provides many of the records typically requested, including the agendas and minutes of the Commission Meetings, financial reports and our rates.

Please submit your request for public records to:

PUD No. 1 of Lewis County
Public Records Officer
PO Box 330
321 NW Pacific Ave
Chehalis, WA  98532

You can also sumbit your request via email to the Public Records Officer.

The District encourages all requests be made in writing and directed to the Public Records Officer

Requests should include all the following information:

  1. Name, address and phone number of requester
  2. Date of request
  3. Detailed description of the public records requested
  4. Whether the Requester wants copies or wants to inspect the records
  5. A statement regarding whether the records are being requested for commercial purposes
  6. Signature of the Requester