Copper Canyon Creek Take-Out Site

NOTICE: Unless further notified, the 340 Rd. gate will remain open at times that the 300 Rd. gate is open, excepting times of fire danger or personnel or public safety. The 300 Rd. and 340 Rd. are not owned by LCPUD. Respect private property.

White Water Adventures

The beauty and rapids of the Cispus River make it favored by novice and advanced boaters alike. The Copper Canyon Creek Take-Out Site provides rafters and kayakers a location to exit the Cispus River before entering the slack water of the Cowlitz Falls Reservoir. The typical rafting/kayer season is dependent on stream flows, usually starting after the rains begin in late fall (around mid-October) and ending after the spring runoff (aound mid-May).

The take-out site is located on the south shore of the Cispus River about one mile above the confluence with the Cowlitz River.The site has accommodations including a picnic table, parking area, portable restroom and a loop road for turn-around and easy loading of vehicles. No overnight camping or fires are allowed.

Public Access

Though boaters can put in on the Cispus River on publicly owned Forest Service property, access to take-out points below Put-In Site #1 (ref. map below) requires the use of private property. Copper Canyon Creek Take-Out Site is owned and operated by Lewis County PUD, however, access is made over privately owned lands. Through an agreement with Port Blakely Tree Farms LP, Lewis County PUD has been granted the opportunity to provide public access to this site. Because of the inherent risk of fire danger, vandalism, active logging interference, and other hazards associated with rural access to private timber lands, access to the Copper Canyon Creek Take-Out Site has three optional entry methods to mitigate these risks.

For orientation on the area, see the following map (click map for larger image).

Other than times of extreme fire danger and active logging operations in the area, the Port Blakely 300 Rd. is typically open year-round, though Port Blakely Tree Farms LP reserves the right to close public access at anytime. The Port Blakely 340 Rd., the spur road leading to the Copper Canyon Creek Take-Out Site from the Port Blakely 300 Rd., is gated to restrict vehicle access. When the Port Blakely 300 Rd is open, there are three ways to access the Copper Canyon Creek Take-Out Site.

  1. Access to the water’s edge by foot is permitted down the ~1200' Port Blakely 340 Rd.
  2. A gate key for vehicle access to the Port Blakely 340 Rd. will be issued to boaters who submit an acceptable Vehicle Entry Application to the PUD (valid for one year).
  3. During Open Gate Days, PUD staff will monitor the site and the gate is open to vehicle access without a need for liability insurance.

Avoid blocking road traffic on the Port Blakely 300 Rd. Vehicles blocking any roadways are subject to towing. If you elect for option (1) or (2), remember to check the gate status of the Port Blakely 300 Rd. prior to your trip. For option (2), the application can be found under "Related Documents", or by clicking here. For more information on option (3), see "Open Gate Days" below. For alternate take-out site, see "Alternative Take-Out Site" listed under "Open Gate Days" below.


We have developed a process for requesting Copper Canyon Creek Take-Out Site open gate days. 

  • Please submit open gate day requests to:


  • Each boater may request up to 10 open gate days.
  • List the dates requested for open gate days in order of priority.  These dates will be weighted in terms of priority.
  • We will provide up to 36 open gate days in 2017. 
  • We will schedule 30 open gate days.  
  • We will reserve 6 days for short term requests that boaters may select based on river flows.  Short term requests will be processed in order of date and time received and must be made 3-7 days prior to the date.  
  • Blackout dates when there will be no open gates days in 2017 are:  January 1, 2, November 23, 24, 25, 26, December 24, 25, 31 .
  • Please provide these requests by January 11.  We will have the 30 open gate days posted by January 13.
  • Note: There will be a Cowlitz Falls reservoir drawdown beginning on September 11 and refill beginning on approximately September 25.  The reservoir will be drawn down 8-10 feet.

This is the process we will have for 2017.  We will post this on our District website.  We welcome any input to make this process better for the whitewater community that we can incorporate for 2018.


NOTICE: The following routes include travel on private lands. These routes are subject to gate closures and primitive road conditions. Extreme care should be taken when traveling these roads. Large trucks and heavy equipment have the right-of-way. Warning signs and other alerting devices may not be present when hazardous conditions exist.

Put-In Site #1, known by some as Twin Cedars, is a pull off on the side of NF-76 Rd in the National Forest. It is typically considered the lowest put-in site by rafter/kayakers, offering about 8 miles of river before arriving at the Copper Canyon Creek Take-Out Site.

Directions from Randle to Put-In Site #1 (Twin Cedars):

  1. From the intersection of WA-12 and WA-131 in Randle, head south on WA-131 to FS 25 Rd - keep right at 'Y' to stay off Cispus Rd. (2.1 miles)
  2. Travel FS 25 Rd. to the intersection of Port Blakely 200 Rd. (5.3 miles)
  3. Keep left at the intersection of the Port Blakely 200 Rd, travel over the bridge to NF-76 Rd. (0.2 miles)
  4. Turn left on NF-76 Rd and travel to Put-In Site #1 (1.2 miles)

Directions from Glenoma to Put-In Site #1 (Twin Cedars):

  1. From the intersection of WA-12 and Kosmos Rd. in Glenoma, travel to Champion Haul Rd/Port Blakely 100 Rd. (0.2 miles)
  2. Turn left onto Champion Haul Rd/Port Blakely 100 Rd. and travel to Port Blakely 300 Rd (4.2 miles)
  3. Turn left and travel the Port Blakely 300 Rd to the intersection immediately after Crystal Creek (7.7 miles)
  4. Turn left and travel to NF-76 Rd (0.2 miles)
  5. Turn right on NF-76 Rd and travel to Put-In Site #1 (1.2 miles)

Directions from Put-In Site #1 (Cedar Rapids) to Copper Canyon Creek Take-Out:

  1. From Put-In Site #1, head NE on NF-76 Rd to the intersection (1.2 miles)
  2. Turn left at the intersection and travel to the intersection of Port Blakely 300 Rd (0.2 miles)
  3. Turn right and travel to Port Blakely 340 Rd (2.9 miles)
  4. Turn right on Port Blakely 340 Rd and travel to Copper Canyon Creek Take-Out Site (0.2 miles)

For additional road information and closures, see "Helpful Links" to Port Blakely and US Forest Service websites.

Open Gate Days

The Port Blakely 340 Rd. has a gate that is typically closed, but is open during "Open Gate Days." On these days, PUD staff monitors the site and the gate is open with no insurance requirements. Each year, interested rafters/kayakers may submit desired Open Gate Days. To submit your request for the 2016/2017 season, send an email to the address listed at the bottom of this page requesting the dates that you would like to see. To ensure that your desired dates are considered, they should be submitted as soon as they are known. Results of requests are compared and at least 3 days are provided each year. Once dates have been selected, they will be posted on this page under Notices, found above on the right. Open Gate Days must end by 6 PM, with the gate being closed and locked by this time.

Alternative Take-Out Site

The Cowlitz Falls Day Use Park offers an alternative take-out site (view map) that is typically open year-round, though it requires paddlers to cross Lake Scanewa. Copper Canyon Creek Take-Out Site to the Cowlitz Falls Day Use Park is about 1.62 miles by way of water. Due to the challenges in rafting slack water (especially in windy conditions), this option is not recommended for rafters. Check the Day Use Park webpage for possible closures before choosing this option. Other alternative take-out sites are currently being investigated for possible development.

Respect Private Property

Port Blakely Tree Farms LP allows periodic public access to some of their private timber lands. As owner of the Port Blakely 300 Rd., the company accepts a risk in allowing access to areas that may otherwise be closed to the public. In cooperation with Lewis County PUD, Port Blakely Tree Farms LP provides access for the rafting/kayaking community to utilize these areas. Be respectful of these areas. If you notice illegal behavior, report it. Remain cognizant of fire danger and other hazards. Logging trucks and large equipment have the right-of-way. When traveling with multiple vehicles, monitoring CB traffic with a lead car may help reduce the risk of interference with active logging or collisions. Never dump trash, block gates, damage equipment, steal, or be destructive to timber or other products. Click here for Port Blakely Tree Farms LP land use rules.

If you notice errors on this page or would like to make suggestions, feel free to email the web developer at the address below.

Use the following address for more information, to recommend changes to the take-out site or this webpage, or to request an Open Gate Day





Last Updated 20-March, 2017

Port Blakely 300 Rd Gate: Open

Port Blakely 340 Rd Gate: Open

340 Rd. OPEN GATE DAYS 2017

Thanks to all who participated in the 2017 Open Gate Day selection process. 30 Open Gate Days have been assigned for the 2017 season, with 6 total open gate days available on short-term notification to the District.

View and Print 2017 Open Gate Days!

Unscheduled date requests (open gate day):

  1. Presidents Day, Monday, February 20
  2. Saturday, March 18

Information Hotline: (360) 345-1484

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