Commercial Energy Efficiency Measures


Unitary Air Conditioning - Unitary air conditioning equipment refers to air-cooled, single cooling-zone, packaged unit, air conditioning equipment for commercial building applications. This equipment can be used in conjunction with gas or electric heating systems. Heat pumps are excluded.

Advanced Rooftop Unit Controls - Qualifying ARC Retrofit applications, shall meet the following requirements: The existing RTU must have greater than 5 tons of cooling capacity, have an existing economizer, and operate continuously during occupied hours and serve only one zone, which is used for commercial purposes.

The ARC Retrofit must meet the following requirements: Variable speed, multi-speed or cycling of the supply fan, while meeting ventilation and space conditioning needs and digital, integrated economizer control.

Ductless Heat Pumps - Ductless Heat Pumps (DHPs) are provisionally qualified by BPA to allow regional installations, sufficient to support data collection, for continued offer research and potential future simplified M&V approval. BPA will request customer billing data from qualified installations for purposes of program evaluation. Contact Lewis PUD for available incentives.

Web-Enabled Programmable Thermostats - Qualifying applications for Web-Enabled Programmable Thermostats (WEPT) include those installed in areas that meet the following requirements: The zone where the WEPT is installed must be used for commercial purposes.

Web-Enabled Programmable Thermostats must meet the following requirements: Be installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, control the primary heating unit in the zone. And must be programmed for the following: One-hour maximum occupied-period override, a minimum of five degrees Fahrenheit set-back and set-up temperature set-points during unoccupied periods (e.g., evenings, holidays and breaks), allow remote, web-based monitoring and programming o Have battery and memory back-up to retain settings during power or internet losses. Web-enabling an existing programmable thermostat (taking an existing thermostat and enabling it to have remote, web-based monitoring as defined above) must result in the existing thermostat meeting the requirements above. Contact Lewis PUD for available incentives.


Retrofit windows - Window retrofits must be performed in an existing commercial building that has the following characteristics:  Electrically-heated, residential style wood-frame construction, a total floor area under 5,000 square feet, and the existing windows are single pane or single pane with storms. The replacement windows must have a National Fenestration Rating Council rated U-value of 0.30 or lower. Contact Lewis County PUD for available incentives.

Heat Pump Water Heaters - Qualifying applications for Heat Pump Water Heaters include those installed in commercial areas that meet the following requirements: The HPWH must replace an electric storage water heater serving a commercial space. HPWHs must (1) be listed on NEEA’s HPWH qualified products list as meeting Tier 1 requirements of the Northern Climate Specification. Lewis County PUD requires the HPWH be installed, according to manufacturer’s specifications, by an installer who received installation training from the manufacturer of the installed HPWH equipment. Contact Lewis County PUD for available incentives.


Reimbursements for a suite of high-efficiency commercial kitchen and food service electric equipment, including refrigerators, freezers, ice makers, steamers, hot food holding cabinets, combination ovens, convection ovens, fryers, dishwashers and pre-rinse spray wash valves. All equipment must be new. These include:

  1. Commercial refrigerators and freezers – Up to 50 cubic ft, Energy Star 2.0 or better. This measure will go away April 1, 2014. Contact Lewis PUD for available incentives.
  2. Commercial ice makers – Contact Lewis PUD for details.
  3. Commercial Kitchen Steamers - New measures must meet ENERGY STAR v1.2 requirements. 3,5, and 6 pan steamers are eligible. Qualifying units must be new.
  4. Commercial Kitchen Hot Food Holding Cabinets - Model must meet CEE’s Qualified Hot Food Holding Cabinets Tier 2 requirements or have an idle energy rate of 20 watts per cubic foot or less. Contact Lewis PUD for available incentives.
  5. Commercial Combination Ovens - Electric combination ovens must have a cooking efficiency of 70% or greater and an idle energy rate of 3.5 kW or less. Contact Lewis PUD for available incentives.
  6. Commercial Convection Ovens - Model must be an ENERGY STAR commercial electric convection oven. Contact Lewis PUD for available incentives.
  7. Commercial Electric Fryers - The electric fryer must meet program eligibility requirements. Eligibility is based on cooking energy efficiency and the idle energy rate of the unit. Contact Lewis PUD for list of qualified units and available incentives.
  8. Commercial Dishwashers - Must meet program eligibility requirements. Contact Lewis PUD for list of qualified units and available incentives.
  9. Pre-rinse Spray Wash Valves - Qualified installations require electrically heated dishwashing water in a facility that (1) serves 10 or more meal shifts per week (e.g., a facility that serves lunches and dinners, five days a week) or (2) has a documented rinse system that uses the equivalent amount of energy as 10 or more meal shifts (e.g., commercial bakeries; central school district cafeterias that prepare thousands of hot meals; or catering facilities that may only be used three times a week but provide meals for hundreds of people at a time). The measure requires direct installation of a new nozzle with a flow rate of 0.65 gallons per minute or lower. Contact Lewis PUD for available incentives.


BPA reimburses customers for computer power management solutions and is developing additional deemed measures.

Networked Computer Management - Networked Computer Power Management software must be installed in a commercial setting and must do the following: Give the IT administrator easily-accessible, central control over the power management settings of networked workstations, with the capability to override user settings, have the capability to (a) cause a workstation's s (e.g., wake on LAN capability); (b) monitor disk and central processing unit activity in determining whepower-energy savings mode to be remotely enabled or disabled for centrally distributed software updatether a workstation is idle; and (c) apply specific power management policies to network groups, and be compatible with multiple operating systems and hardware configurations in the same network.

Commercial Clothes Washers - Effective April 1, 2014, the current commercial clothes washer measures will expire and no longer be available. The clothes washer must be on the ENERGY STAR commercial list (includes commercial laundries and multifamily common area coin-operated machines). Contact Lewis PUD for available incentives.

Smart Power Strips – Load Sensing - Smart Power Strips must (1) be installed in a commercial office setting and used in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, (2) automatically switch off peripheral plug load from the control plug outlet and (3) prohibit false switching by incorporating resistor-capacitor circuit filters or equivalent. Contact Lewis PUD for available incentives.

Commercial Showerheads - The showerhead must have a rated flow rate at 2.0 gallons per minute, use electrically heated hot water and be installed in qualified commercial facilities: hospitality buildings (hotels/motels), health care facilities (including hospitals) and small commercial facilities (including office showers) and Fitness centers . Contact Lewis PUD for available incentives.

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