Net Metering

Lewis PUD participates in two alternative energy programs.  

  1. The standard net metering program which meters the flow of power in both directions, commonly referred to as “the meter spins backward program”, and
  2. Washington State’s Renewable Energy System Cost Recovery program (WAC 458-20-273).

Electric MeterThe standard net metering program is the program that gets your generation connected to the electric grid through Lewis PUD’s electric network.  This program allows you, the customer/generator, the ability to sell excess generation back to the PUD and still draw power during low generation periods where generation does not meet your demand.

The Washington State program is currently approved through 2020 and is a financial incentive program designed to encourage installation of solar, wind and anaerobic digester generation.  The customer meeting various conditions will collect up to an additional $0.54/kWh of generation in addition to the value of the power under the standard net metering program.

The documents and link at the right provide additional information and forms necessary to apply for these programs.  Please email Dan Kay, Chief Engineer or call (360)740-2435  with any additional questions or to get moving toward energy independence.