New / Transferring Service

When moving to a new address or closing an existing account, contact Customer Service as soon as possible.  Move-outs can typically be taken care of with a phone call or in-person at either the Morton or Chehalis office. 

New Account

 If you are establishing service for the first time or are moving to a new location, you will need to stop by either of our offices and sign a Contract for Electrical Service for the location.  Customers signing a contract card must have valid ID, Visa or Passport, Military Card, and a Social Security # or TIN as part of the customer validation and credit assessment program.   If a satisfactory credit rating is obtained through the assessment, you may be excluded from the deposit requirement. 

Transferring an Account

If you are transferring an account please please contact customer service as soon as possible to minimize any charges.

Canceling an Account

If you are stopping Lewis PUD service, please contact customer service as soon as possible to minimize any charges.

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