Residential New and Altered Service

Lewis PUD has a staff of customer service engineers that will help you with your project and do everything they can to make installation of power a pleasant experience. We encourage you to contact your PUD engineer prior to starting any work to discuss your project and find out how the PUD can help.  If necessary, the engineer will schedule an on-site meeting at no cost to you.

There are many references to the right that can help with some of the more common general questions.  Everything from ditching and meter base installations to costs associated with new and altered services.  Use these references but please do not substitute this information for speaking directly with a customer service engineer.  These documents work well for the majority of installations; however, site conditions may necessitate deviation that only talking directly with your engineer will reveal.

To discuss your project with an engineer please contact us at:

(360) 740-2405

M-F 8:00-5:00