Residential Power Quality

Are Power Quality Issues Adversely Impacting You?

With the ever expanding use of electronics and DC equipment, more and more people are dealing with power quality issues.  If you are experiencing power quality problems such as bright and/or dim lights, flickering lights or high or low voltage Lewis PUD is here to help.

Who Causes Power Quality Issues?

While most of the power quality issues homes deal with are actually created by their own equipment some problems can be created by other consumers.

What Can Lewis PUD do?

Lewis PUD offers information and assessment service for our customers who have power quality problems. We will work in partnership with you to help address power quality issues. Lewis PUD can provide a free site visit and conduct an initial assessment. Lewis PUD will primarily assist in determining the source(s) of the interference, deal with the source of the cause if it is determined to be on our system or provide guidance to the customer in mitigating any of their own problems.

Key Benefits

The Power Quality service can save you money, improve your quality of life or even save your life.  This service can help you:

  • Identify failing electrical components (potential fire hazards)
  • Mitigate damage to appliances
  • Eliminate/reduce annoyances associated with voltage flicker


Please contact either:

Dan Kay, Chief Engineer @ (360)740-2435 or

Craig Kalich, System Engineer @ (360)740-2427

for more information and assistance.

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